Pembine in the North Woods

Who has ever even heard of Pembine? I had not and I thought I knew northern Wisconsin. Here we were on an island of golf, of all things, surrounded by the Menominee River, and in Wisconsin as close as you could possibly get to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

We felt as if we were pretty much the only ones here, as it is between seasons, and only reopened this year. We went to breakfast and met Josh, who ushered us into the Plaza Room for breakfast. As it happened, Josh served us and cooked for us. It turns out that he is originally from Kankakee, Illinois and is the head of Beverage and Food for the Resort and also the Pine Mountain Resort not far from here.

We had an absolutely lovely start to the day with pancakes and strawberries, eggs, toast, hash browns, bacon, and sausage, with some good coffee. This was all before we got on the road toward Escanaba and Gladstone in the U.P. Josh ended up blowing us away and comping us the breakfast.

The trip to the U.P., just across the Menominee River from us, was wonderful and the natural beauty and few inhabitants were impressive. We were startled by the beauty of the golden yellow fir trees that I thought I remembered from Eagle River, Wisconsin, and MK did some Internet research and determined that they are tamarack or larch trees, native to the area and Canada and despite being fir trees, their needles turn gold and drop each fall.

We rolled through Escanaba on the Little Bay De Noc (and inlet of Lake Michigan) and then on to Gladstone, named after a British Prime Minister, and the home and birthplace of MK’s dad. We found the house and MK knocked on the door. We were allowed inside and we talked to the current resident who, with her sister, cares for some sick and homeless people there. It was something being able to see this house.

We then went back to our base, stopped at a waterfall park (there are many in the U.P.), Dave’s Falls, and took a few photos before going back and taking a walk at our island resort. That was followed by dinner at the Paris Supper Club and a subsequent return to base for some book reading time.

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