Pemene Falls

I never mentioned how much fun it was to go to a Supper Club, a Wisconsin tradition, on Saturday. Our experience was so good that we are going to have an early dinner on Sunday, today. It was kind of funny going to the ‘Paris Supper Club’ and seeing all sorts of ‘French’ memorabilia. It was cute, nonetheless; they made a seriously mean Old Fashioned, and were ready to make it sour or sweet, they allowed us to « choose the booze » and not just offer a typical Wisconsin brandy Old Fashioned. To be frank, their Old Fashioned was one of the best, and we had them use bourbon. Top it off with it cost a whole $5!

The morning of Sunday started out with a bang in more than one way, when we got down for breakfast and for instructions on how to get Wi-Fi working. We found out that despite our having walked all the way to the other end of the facility, where the restaurants are, that the resort’s restaurants were closed. We found out, at the desk, that the chef called in sick and unfortunately, nobody told the desk. The desk is responsible, during the week, for a continental breakfast that takes about thirty minutes to prepare. They did offer to warm something up for us but we declined. We asked about places to eat and the first one that came up was the one I had seen on Yelp, Patti’s Platter. Let me just say, we are out in the middle of nowhere, no joke, and Patti’s Platter is technically in Beecher, but when I went to add it to Trip Advisor (they didn’t have it), they would not accept Beecher as a location in Wisconsin. So I put Pembine, which it is literally on the edge of. We had a great breakfast and between me and the reader, MK, my car, and I stood out like a sore thumb.

My car is pretty much the only blue car around. We pulled up, found a table, and ordered. Food was hearty, delicious, and cheap and we left for less than twenty bucks.

Following that, we googled Pemene Falls or Peminee Falls, something I could only find by googling and we found literally no directions. Our connection to the Internet on our phones was spotty and it had us going down county Z past our usual turnoff to the Island Resort and we were supposed to turn on County Road 2, which I passed. I turned around and we were on a dirt road with stones. I slowly drove my crazy WRX, which is fortunately all wheel drive, to a sign painted on a tree « PFALLS. ». We parked and walked a short distance, only to find a former wooden sign in disrepair. I started walking down toward the waterfall I heard, only to find that I had missed the steps. I sent MK down on the steps, it was a bit iffy, and I got some photos of what is mainly a set of rapids, but an amazing one at that installed in the middle of a beautiful forest. The waterfall is on the Menominee River, formed by four rivers, the Michigamme and the Brule, being the most important, and the Paint and Pine Rivers and empties into Green Bay. For a while, the river forms the barrier between Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It was worth the effort.

We came back to the resort; I took a quick walk to take photos, and then we went for a swim in the pool (we were alone) and then in the hot tub. Early dinner tonight, relaxation, and then home on Monday after a wonderful getaway.

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