Back home after a weekend away…

It is fun going away and it is a pain to pull everything together and go home. It was only a weekend and that was easier than normal, however.

We left around 7:45 AM from Pembine and given the time change it felt more like 8:45 AM. We decided to mess with the Garmin travel choices and thus I got on County Road Z and went east instead of west, choosing U.S. Route 41 over U.S. Route 141 that we had used to get there. The Garmin GPS was not happy with me, but soon it stopped trying to reroute me. We wanted to see different small towns and thus we were able to go through Menominee (MI) and its twin, Marinette in Wisconsin.

I could not help but feel the remoteness of the area we visited. There was such distance between homes and the towns were so small. Although the Upper Peninsula is a large area, it holds only about 3% of Michigan’s population and you cannot help but feel that it is the poor relative, not seemingly as well taken care of as the rest of Michigan.

The traveling was easy and frankly my only worry was finding Premium gas, which my car uses, or even gas at all. There was great distance between gas stations, much more than I had anticipated. I don’t think of that issue happening in this part of the United States. Then again, there is much I don’t think about happening in the USA and seemingly, it does..

We ended up in Port Washington, literally like a suburb of Milwaukee, for lunch. MK had purchased something and it was supposed to be waiting for her at the Duluth Trading Company. Strangely, my Garmin (we have a twelve year old car) had all of the Duluth Trading Company addresses except for this one, of course. She found a pair of leather winter boots and although the size she chose wasn’t right, she was able to get the ones she needed.

We arrived home near 2:17 PM or so and then I unpacked and left by 3:00 PM to go tutoring, something that perhaps I should have had the presence of mind to cancel. Before that, I had dropped MK off at the business where I had my WRX’s body work done. She had her car detailed and I must admit that her nine year old car looks like new. Despite having two cars that are over eight years of age, they look good.

It was a great trip; we have good memories and it was an overall great time. It should help get us through the winter.

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