On being polite…

I have come to the conclusion that non-answering is the latest trend. It has come completely to electronic mail, even more so than before. It seemed to start on cell phones and moved to electronic mail.

I just sent a group e-mail to the Village of Deerfield trustees regarding our issues with a privacy invading neighbor. I am actually angrier at them for not even responding to my e-mail, more so than at the fact that they are unwilling to get off their behinds and actually attempt to do something, or at least be sympathetic.

I sent e-mails on June 29th of this year to the six village trustees and to the mayor of Deerfield. I will grant you that the mayor responded and was sympathetic in her response and said she would get back to me.

She never did get back to me, nor did the persons she copied.

I forgive her, maybe a bit, as perhaps our neighbor issues were not a top priority. I am having trouble forgiving her for not doing what she said she would do, and follow up.

Out of the six trustees, one of whom I had already e-mailed the message before to a no-response, only one responded and that was via a phone call, which was nice. I point blank asked her if she had been chosen to respond for the group, to which she replied, « No. » Her take was that she had spoken to her personal lawyer and the lawyer said we needed to file a civil suit. We had already, by that time, contacted a classmate of our kids who is now a local lawyer who basically explained what we already knew. It would be very expensive, long, and drawn out, and probably not with good results. The trustee told me that for less than $2000 we would do well. I told her I doubted it and and she told me to « …get a different lawyer. » Luckily, our neighbor situation has settled down due to the illness Mr. Malbor has.

The other day, I contacted former colleagues at the high school where I taught as I found out that they had a program taking kids to Stratford, Ontario. I did get a response from the teacher, but the new department chairman, a man I know well and whose mother is an acquaintance, did not respond and I am guessing he shall not. Here we are not asking for anything but are offering to help and do what we can to make it an even better experience and there is no response.

The current superintendent of the school district where I taught was once my colleague, a math teacher, a friend, and he even tutored our son in my home. Recently, I wrote him via e-mail. I never heard from him. I know e-mail goes into spam, but…

That is a sign of the times. Not only do people not answer and not return calls, they just disregard them as if they don’t exist.

The last instance is that I received a phone call while in the gym locker room last week which I stupidly took, regarding tutoring. I ask the lady for her e-mail, I sent her my flyer of explanation, I even texted her to tell her I had done so, and…nada. I just sent her another text saying that I wished her good luck finding a tutor for her daughter.

What is up with all of this?

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