The cold, grandkids, unanswered e-mails, and Dirilyte

It is a grandchildcare day and before going to pick up our charge, I walked the dog. It was in the twenties and a shock. Luckily, there was a clear blanket of snow on the roofs so I knew it was really cold before going outside.

It seems really cold quite early this year and certainly the snow that arrived even before Halloween was a clear indicator of the current state of the weather and where we are going with it. It seems that we are in for a big winter here. That is particularly good for our son, the snow plower.

I am still reeling from my latest e-mails to different people and the total lack of response. I am truly fed up with the municipal leadership in my town as they are seemingly totally unresponsive and don’t seem to care. What is the point of their existence?

I am equally fed up with some former colleagues at the school where I taught before retirement. I contacted them because I would like to be of some help to them and I get no response, not even a ‘thank you, but we are really not interested.’ Whatever happened to being polite and courteous?

I am pleased as punch that my efforts to clean the dirilyte were completed in less than a full afternoon. Dirilyte is a brass composite of cutlery, that is our ‘good’ set of forks, knives, etc. The grandkids love to pull out the soup spoons, in particular, and use them. Dirilyte tarnishes and you have to keep it away from moisture. It has to be washed by hand and dried carefully. We have dirilyte polish but it is frankly harder to clean than silver. I found that I can use vinegar, and if I use the 20% vinegar, it comes clean quite quickly. The only issue is that it is not super shiny, as it is with the dirilyte polish, but MK and I realized that we actually like the look.

Despite the cold, it is sunny, a beautiful day.

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