Cold, cold, cold!

I know to expect the unexpected in the Chicago area weather-wise, but I must say that twenty degrees in early November is nonetheless almost shocking.

On a quick side note, I haven’t been able to post photos with my daily blog for well over a week now. I am wondering when my WordPress software will make a fix.

I still have to cover the patio table and chairs and cover the cushions we have for our nice outdoor chairs. The chair cushions are in the garage and I want to keep them clean.

I just bought a bag of sunflower seeds. The birds have been eating like crazy, as they have for months now. I wonder if more birds were just aware that we have three feeding stations. We recently went from two to three when the neighbor across the street put out a squirrel proof feeder, just like mine, on her parkway. I grabbed it and set it up. Even before that, however, we were using more seed than ever. Since I purchase it on Amazon, I have a ready record of use and my need for seed has seriously escalated. Am I keeping the bird population alive? I just read that their population has seriously dwindled.

I received two pods of milkweed that were not ‘ripe’ that I left out on the patio table. Just the other day I noticed that they had opened, allowing small brown seeds attached to fluffy material just dying to be airborne to be seen. I helped it open just a bit and even put a bit under some soil by the house so we could watch the monarchs when they return. I am hoping that we have more than one. This year we had one every day. I am also hoping that I don’t pull out the milkweed plants as weeds!

I did some Hungarian practice and now have about a thousand words under my belt as I have typed them into a table. First I write them, then I type them. I am listening to old lessons while I row at the gym. Let’s see where this goes!

It really didn’t warm up today, but did get up to thirty-two degrees, just amazing for early November weather.

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