My hibiscus, plants, and my mom

I normally don’t have my hibiscus in the living room but I just don’t have the heart to put it down in the lower level where we cannot enjoy it.

It suffered greatly this spring when I incorrectly put it outside and kept thinking that it was going to warm up and it didn’t. I am kind of lucky that it survived at all, given the nastiness of the weather and temps. It took forever to really get going, not really flowering until probably September. By the time I brought it inside, which was a bit earlier than I normally do, It had so many buds on it, I could not believe it.

For the past few days, we usually have two to three flowers blooming. We might go a day without one but then it ‘flowers up’ again.

I feel like my mom. When I said that « I don’t have the heart, » I hear her saying that. She felt that her plants were as important (and probably more important) than her friends. She preened them, she coddled them, she put them in impossible places in her tiny home where we would knock them over, and they bloomed for her. The bloomed all the time.

If anyone had a green thumb, my mom did. She did it on a budget, and did it with great expertise. It is just too bad that she didn’t do it for a job, as this passion would never have seemed like work.

She was embarrassing as all get out when you would be with her in the proximity of plants, like, let’s say, a botanical garden. I remember her in Kew Gardens in the UK (in the 70s), ‘pinching,’ as she called it, the plant to ‘make it healthier.’ She would take these pinches and turn them into full blown plants. She did this wherever she went and almost got caught one time when we were with her in the Chicago Botanic Gardens.

Meanwhile, the hibiscus is a focal point in my living room.

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