Wakes, freezing temps, snow, and genealogy

The hibiscus that just keeps on giving…

It is cold.

We have colds.

The weather is frightfully out of sorts; frigid temperatures and even a layer of snow are already icing the topography.

News this week has been sad, adding into the nightmarish situation the U.S. is blanketed under along with quite a few portions of the world. Two deaths occurred in our network of friends, one kind of expected, another totally unexpected. The only good news, if you can call it that with the last information, is that the men were over seventy. Nonetheless, as I approach seventy, that creeps me out. Besides, no matter what the age, it is incredibly sad.

The malbor was actually sighted, or should I say heard, yesterday. I was out cleaning the back drive next to our fence of snow and he and his wife pulled in the driveway. He proceeded to use his gravelly, illness-affected voice to yell at his wife. Even in the throes of a terminal illness, he manages to maintain his nastiness. Some people become nicer and repent; this one is going down a mean, scrooge-like but worse, character who just cannot let go of the venom and bile that has coursed through his body for an entire life.

The hibiscus continues to bloom, a bright spot in the home, seemingly oblivious to the weather and the terrible things going on in the world. My coffee is delicious, carefully brewed as I prepared to take the dog for a walk, my return was to a steaming hot mug (warmed by hot water) of java and delicious pain de mie from That Little French Guy.

The rest of this week will be reserved for ditching the viruses that inhabit our bodies, seeing a good friend, tutoring, going to Oakton to do ESL and French Conversation Hours, and several wakes. We were supposed to have grandkid duty this morning but we were told that we were not needed so we had a morning off. I am not even sure I can call it that because each moment with him is precious.

Facebook provided me with a friend and I am not even sure what the connection was, somehow we became friends and I have never met him. I am sure the Hungarian connection was involved. He now has a home in the U.S. and in Hungary. We texted the other day and I asked him if he or his wife (who is Hungarian) knew of anyone to help me with my ancestor search. I am pretty much stymied beyond my great grandparents in Europe. My Facebook friend told me that his nephew by marriage is a university student and loves to do this research (and already has) and he already told me where my maternal great grandmother’s family was from…I am excited.

Today is a good day to get healthier, stay warm, practice some Hungarian, and tutor.

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