« You charge more than a doctor! »

A persimmon seems to fit this blog post. I really don’t know why.

I took the call on my cellphone despite not recognizing the number. It was against my better judgment.

I had trouble understanding the person and since I was taking the phone call on my Apple watch, I asked if she could call me back. She was calling about tutoring.

She told me that although in-school tutoring was available, her daughter’s schedule was at issue. She thought perhaps it would be good to have some tutoring sessions.

We talked a bit and I offered to send my flyer of explanation. She asked that I give her the info, which was fine, and then I sent her the flyer by text. She was pleased when I told her that I had taught at her daughter’s school for over thirty years. She was impressed to know that I work at Oakton.

When I told her my fee, she exclaimed, « That is more than a doctor would charge! » I said nothing. I then said to her after she wanted to know if she could bargain with me, that I have been charging the same fee since 2007 without changing it. She thought about it, then asked me if I was available at 6:30 PM or 7:00 PM that evening. She commented that since I was retired, that it was easier to schedule sessions.

We texted and I asked her to contact me as soon as she knew the time. MK and I went about our business, stopping for a bite at Panera’s and then we came home around 6:00 PM. There was no news. We sat down and watched a little TV. Still no news. At 8:22 PM I received a text message saying, « Hi Rich, Sarah (name changed) just got out of dance – too late tonight. Will schedule next time. Thanks!

Some people…

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