Thanksgiving 2019 Thoughts…

A Hungarian tablecloth, French dishes and chairs, Swedish cutlery soon to be seen, and a Hungarian stuffed turkey in the oven…Happy Thanksgiving to all.

We have so much to be thankful for and yet we live in such absolutely frightening times. I do not want to belabor the point of the latter, but this morning I read something from a friend and former colleague who lives on the other side of my town. Life here is good overall, but when it came to even have a shred of responsiveness to the issues we had with a privacy invading neighbor and his ridiculous cameras, our village was of no value whatsoever. I can only thank our police and a responsible neighbor for having protected us at all. My former colleague just posted a message about a village meeting. It seems, to the observant eye, that there is a movement to remove a stop sign or two in the village as being of no value. The real reason appears to be that one of the trustees is annoyed at having to stop at one as he tools home in his car. Although there are good reasons for the stop signs, children being the most obvious, he wants it removed. It looks as if he is going to have his way as a study was done and found the stop signs being unnecessary.

I have had my issues with the trustees, having sent more than one e-mail to them about our issues, getting one unsuccessful phone call from one of them and a message from the mayor that she was ‘horrified’ and would ‘look into it.’ Result? Nothing. I wonder what would happen if one of the trustees were to have cameras focused at them?

I have no faith in my governments…

I am very thankful for good overall health, for my wife having had a successful knee replacement, for a beautiful family and grandchildren, and for an overall wonderful life. I wish health, happiness, and a great life with opportunities in all venues to all.

I apologize to all of the people who are suffering at the hands of a very stupid situation in our country where health, education, and equality in all arenas are suffering and certain groups are being constantly seen as scapegoats for our problems. May we please end this nightmare.

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