A hungover canine?

Hemp Oil for canines, to calm them down….

Stewart is a very OCD dog. I suppose that goes with the territory since he is a Border collie. Speaking of territory, Stewart at the time, is very interested in marking his territory, so much so that when I take him to be groomed, I have to hang on to him and not let him get too close to anything because he feels the need to mark it. On Thanksgiving day, my granddaughter and I walked him and she counted for me. Stewart marked over ten places on his walk.

Stewart gets very excited and loses focus very quickly. Now that he is approaching seven years of age, he has gotten to the point of going crazy when we have someone at the door, especially so if he knows the person. He will try to run out the door when I open it for them. I have been using treats to make him lie down, which is no small task, and then releasing him after the people are inside.

When we have family gatherings, the sheepherding side of Stewart comes in to play and he gets very crazy. We have recently tried some Hemp Oil to calm down the OCD Border collie. We did on Thanksgiving, for example. Stewart was happy his herd was over and also happy that a canine was with us as well. Lucky, the beagle mix mutt belongs to our son Mikey and his wife. My take is that overall, the hemp didn’t do much…

Until later…

At the end of the evening, I couldn’t find Stewart. Unlike his usual behavior when he comes down and sits next to me for a bit, leaves, comes back, leaves, comes back, all evening long, he was non-existent. I was up for a bit during the night, even changed beds, as I was dealing with a once in a while fitful night of sleep, and saw neither hide nor hair of him, which is unusual. I even got up later at 8:00 AM and MK was already downstairs, emptying out the dishwasher. Stewart was nowhere to be found. Usually, he is whining and whimpering so that I feed him and walk him. I finally found him on the couch in the family room on the lower level.

A hungover canine?

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