Windy days and Thanksgiving

It is windy. We were told that we might have winds gusting up to sixty miles per hour and I am guessing that they are on the beam. I drove down the street and noticed that the flashing around a window had come off and was flying in the wind, like a strip of metal flag, blowing in the wind and yet still attached.

It was hard driving on the highway as it was tricky holding on to the lane. The wind was blowing the car all around.

It is about forty-five degrees and the wind is relentless thus it feels far colder than one might expect.

The outdoor area is pretty much set for winter. I have finished up preparing the pond, skimmed off some leaves, and stabilized the netting over it so that it protects the pond.

I am wondering if this heavy wind shall make all of the leaves finally drop. Many were literally ‘frozen,’ in time on the trees due to the time that the intense cold set in, the ice cold temps somehow ‘freezing’ them into position. Despite most yards being cleaned of leaves, I now see more of them on the lawns.

Stewart is in his glory. He loves the cold and has the fur to deal with it.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are ready for it. I need to get my energy together to get the leaf for the dining room table and to prepare the stuffing elements: onions, parsley, and celery. I shall chop them very fine in the food processor and wrap them up, readying them for their mixture so that I can stuff the turkey. As it turns out, my lovely wife hit the food processor with my stuffing elements. On Thanksgiving, I stupidly managed to sew up the wrong side of the turkey and had to open it up again. No matter, the turkey, if I may say so myself was delicious. Next year, we are going with a Hofherr turkey and not a Harrison’s however.

The windy day did flow into a perfect Thanksgiving, however, and despite a twenty-four or so pound turkey, we had leftovers only once as they everyone seemed to love it and grabbed a bit. Would you believe I am going to make another turkey to enjoy the stuffing?

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