Feed My Starving Children

Our oldest ‘daughter’ organized a wonderful après Thanksgiving moment whereby we, as a family, packed up food for starving children in the world.

We all met at the location on Park Avenue (Route 176) in Libertyville and signed in. All three granddaughters were there, the youngest being five. We listened to an explanation of what it is all about, saw a short video, removed all jewelry (everything but wedding bands must come off), put on hairnets, and washed our hands. We all took positions at a station (there were about eight of us there, including family and a set of friends) called ‘Uganda.’ I took my usual position of sealing the approximately 400 gram pack of food. We put thirty-six of these in a box. Our group packed over ten boxes of these in our short time there – between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM.

Here is what I found out about the food packs we put together as a group:

« Developed with the help of General Mills, Cargill, and other major food companies, MannaPack Rice consists of dehydrated vegetables, vitamins and minerals, rice, and soy. A single meal costs FMSC under 25 cents to produce and helps improve the health and growth of malnourished children. »

What impressed me most about all of this was that the littlest ones, ages of six and five, were tuned in and industrious in a very serious way during the entire event. Not once did we have to ‘corral them in’ and remind them of what we were doing and why. They just pitched in. Clearly, they had been very well given the explanation, in a simple way, of what we were doing. Also, I think that our family has managed to instill some good values in them.

Our station was called ‘Uganda,’ and when we put together the box, we all yelled (our choice, creativity is called for), « Uganda be kidding me! » The runners would come by, do a cursory check of the box, and take it away.

It was a wonderful moment that went like clockwork for all from age sixty something on down to five. All I can say is, « Wow! »

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