The best protected playhouse in the area

I think I really need to get inside that playhouse and make sure that all is set for another winter. I am thankful that when we redid our roof a few years ago that we also redid the roof of the playhouse to match. On a side note, when I was younger, the thought was that you could have two roofs on a house, now that is not the case, so each time a new roof goes on, the old one comes off.

The playhouse now has a Ring solar powered sign designating it as protected by Ring products. To be frank, that is not the case, but for whatever reason, MK and I were not enthralled with the idea of putting it in front of our house. Statistically, even having a sign of protection, even if you don’t have protection, you are better off. I thought the sign was cool but not cool in the way that I could put it in front of our house, therefore it got relegated to the playhouse.

Today I did some more in our preparation for Christmas, I moved the Alsatian dishes partially into the base of our china cabinet and put the rest in the downstairs area. I also started doing some moving in the kitchen as after Christmas we shall be having the cabinets refinished and we have to have everything out of them for a month, if I understand correctly. That will be a royal pain but I really cannot stand looking at the cabinets as they lose their finish and just look unsightly.

It has been pretty much a month since I haven’t had a cold and well, I am ready to move on. Although I don’t feel all that bad, I am sniffly and coughing. I think I am on the mend…

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