On being angry

I truly need to restate my title. No, it doesn’t make me angry; it truly pisses me off! In my head,, that is a stronger statement, although maybe I am wrong. Nonetheless, Stewart and I make a pass by what I call the Chinn House, a house where the Chinn family once lived right around the corner from our home. Each time, the bile rises in me and I feel like doing something out of character for myself.

This home is one of the former clients of our son’s snowplowing business. This is a house whose driveway was plowed and at least one of the walks shoveled. This is a house where the inhabitants have not paid their bill.

Let me make this very clear, our son is very good to people. If he knew of some sort of issue within the household that was preventing payment, he would let it slide. As of right now, there is nothing making that even seem like a remote possibility.

At the end of the season, they had a couple hundred dollars of bill left. They were sent numerous bills and didn’t pay. I think it was late spring, almost early summer where they were reminded once again and even sent in a check. The check bounced. They were reminded again and just didn’t respond and didn’t respond to any phone calls or messages.

I see them when I walk the dog. I almost mentioned something numerous times. To be honest, it really isn’t my business. The are a young family, three cars to the household, children, and living in a very large home, the largest home in the neighborhood before the McMansions came into the picture. They don’t appear to be having any issue although one never knows. I feel bad, but I still feel angry each time I pass by. Meanwhile, I saw markers go up for their snow removal this winter, clearly from another snow removal company.

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