…and the cold continues

My day was brightened by ‘bredele,’ Alsatian Christmas cookies. They were sent to us by Jean-Luc Maechling and purchased at our favorite bakery in Hoerdt, France.

Two days ago, I wondered if I was coming down with something. I did take some Airborne vitamins to boost my immunity. I slept through the night and nothing blossomed. Yesterday, we went to see Oliver, the play, at the Marriott. Earlier in the day, I had gone to the gym, did the rowing machine and steam room, and came home. While in the Marriott, I felt a constant need to clear my throat and by the time we went to have dinner, I felt as if I was, in fact, being attacked by a virus. Sure enough, the evening was spent in the beginning throes of a nasty cold. I drank lots of water, did the vitamins, tried some Elderberry potion that we had just purchased, and tried to ride it out.

I slept well and other than getting up often because of the massive hydrating scenario, I slept well. This morning I am feeling as if I have a cold, and frankly I am quite annoyed.

Having had a cold in October that lasted until November and despite not being really bad, left me with a lingering cough that just did not want to let up. I kind of thought I had done my time.

Functional? Yes, I am generally always pretty functional when with a cold, but it sure is annoying. Luckily, it generally does not go into my chest, it is just annoying. I am thinking that today I will go to the gym, do my rowing, and hit the steam room.

…and I shall read my book, I am currently enjoying the novels of Zane Grey.

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