Thoughts about the New Year and decade – 2020

The New Year’s day…I love the light vs. the dark of the day…

This new year has a heavy responsibility hanging over its head. I am guessing that my opinion might not be shared by many in this large country of ours, but living in country confused by lies coming at us from every angle and realizing that the progress we had made in recent years toward equality in every arena is being attacked, stifled, and even removed, has made me feel that this is quite the important year.

Time will tell.

Sometimes things must get worse before they get better. I am not sure how much more of this we can tolerate.

It occurs to me that in previous presidencies, that when there are major issues that keep recurring, like gunshootings and gunscapades all over the country, that the President would at the very least talk about it and talk about measures to be taken to bring the issues to an end. In this régime, there is nary a mention of the goings on and the shootings have become so commonplace that they have taken a place in the national landscape. This is nothing short of reprehensible.

I see a very carefully decked Justice system, one that somehow defied logic and refused to entertain the candidate from the previous presidency. I am not really sure how that even happened.

I see a very partisan Congress in my eyes, and although there is an impeachment and although there should be our senators viewing this with non-partisan eyes, it is apparent to all that that is not the case.

They are seemingly going to vote with strictly partisan eyes, in other words, go along with the lying, the denial, the fraud, the even treasonous situations that have been playing out for such a long time. How they manage to sleep at night is beyond me, but that seems to be a talent of evil people.

History will not judge them kindly. Those in their short-lived limelight, the glory days of their lives, will end up being pariahs and viewed as the nasty excuses for human beings that they are. Honestly, that cannot come soon enough.

I so want to be optimistic, but frankly, with this new year, I am equally scared.

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  1. Kathy Dorn says:

    Excellent read. Wishing you and Mary a very happy, healthy new year.

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