Dealing with that cold and a new TV

The winds blew with furor as we slept last night. My evening was a little better, with less time getting up to go to the bathroom. My delicious grog, a concoction of honey, water, brandy, and lemon, did a good job of setting me up for a good night’s sleep. We were awakened at about 6:30 AM by a phone call regarding the snow situation as Mary Kay is our son’s snowplowing business manager. Surprisingly, despite the little snow we had, several plowmen were going out. The business has determined that there are people that will want or need the snow removal even if there is very little. They are thus on a special list for those desiring that service.

It is in the mid twenties, a far cry from the 60 degrees of a few days ago, but that IS Chicago.

Yesterday, in preparation for a switchover from Xfinity to U-verse, we decided to bite the bullet and went to Costco and picked up a 43’’ television, a Smart TV, as opposed to the dumb Sony Bravia we have had for at least eight years. As it turns out, the picture the latter has is inferior to the UHD of the new one and the price tag for the new TV $249 as opposed to the $1600 we paid for the Bravia in 2007. Interesting how that happens with Technology. I will say, however, that we have gotten our money’s worth out of that television.

Surprisingly, it was way easier to connect than I might have expected and it fit totally into the space in our cabinet in the family room, something the previous one, with a slightly smaller screen (frames were larger in the ‘old days’). It looks more as if it belongs. I was able to just plug in the new one and connect the HDMI cable and we were good to go. We still have the issue of way too many remotes, because of our sound system, but we are acquainted with it so we are good.

I am on the mend with this blasted cold, but frankly, after an over one month cold from October on, this is a bit much.

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