Surprise! Papi trimmed his beard!

It has been a while since I have tied my bow tie. This necessitated a quick YouTube refresher. This was not my best result. I have since shortened the tie and figured out how to tie it quickly.

I have had interesting reactions from the grandkids regarding my beard trim, a major one since I went from a pretty large, Santa beard, to a quite trim one. I had not intended that at all but somehow forgot that the trimmer attachment I have for my trimmer, although looking as if it is going to leave the facial hair long, pretty much takes it down to the quick. The only part I left long was the mustache, which I am now ‘training’ to have a bit of a curl on each end. I used the trimmer because although my intent was to get it trimmed professionally, I was disappointed that the North Shore didn’t have what I deem to be able to deal with a larger beard. My plan was to go to Batavia, where they seem to have the expert barbers I need.

The oldest and second oldest grandkids came in the house and the oldest had little reaction. In her some ten years, she has seen my beard come and go and even might remember me without it. Her sister, however, said, « Papi. What did you do? » I was a bit surprised as she didn’t seem too happy about my facial hair change. I somehow did not expect that reaction from her.

The next two came over and when I walked in the room (as I was just returning home) they looked at me wide eyed before even saying anything. The older of the two said, « Papi, I like what you did to your beard. » Her brother, however, looked me over carefully and then said, « Papi, you look really cute! » At the age of 3 1/2, he has a great vocabulary and honestly, I think he was a bit freaked out, almost speechless.

It is funny because sometimes one thinks that they are not noticing things. Then you realize that things that the rest of us might almost not notice are clearly evident to the younger set.

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