From Xfinity to U-verse

For the first time in my life, I am living without a landline. For the past few years, we have had a landline, but have relegated it for what we thought it should be, an emergency method of communication. Unfortunately, there are so many who were still contacting us there, from companies to friends. We have, for many years now, not even listed our former landline number. We have some friends, however, who despite our pleas to call only our cell numbers, would still call the landline first. That is done now as we have no landline.

The landline was put into mothballs, in our heads, years ago. When we went to Xfinity Comcast, we ended up with a freebie of a landline, it was just a part of the total package. Recently, we decided that we were fed up with our machinations with Comcast and its intermittent Wi-Fi and we also decided to downsize our viewing package as the Smart TV era has come to play and now we are more involved with streaming what we want. We went in to change my phone, came out with a new phone and a new AT&T U-verse package, once again. So far, so good.

Instead of paying for a box in our Master Bedroom for a TV that was rarely used, we opted to pay $150 at Costco for a Vizio TV that has apps that allow us to see Acorn and not have an Apple TV box. All we need is the Wi-Fi hookup. For downstairs, we replaced a TV that cost us over $1600 twelve years ago to a $249 Samsung that has all the apps we could ever need. There is no more streaming from my cellphone or iPad to watch Acorn TV.

No landline? Correct. Now my cell phone goes into ‘sleep mode’ when I sleep.

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