Put downs come in many forms

The winds outside are blowing and the land seems to be screaming as the weather transitions from warm to cold.

We all know the people who need to sing their own praises or that of their own families. We all know of people like this and they come in different forms. Bragging can be simple and clear with nary a hidden agenda or it can be done in such a way as to add to someone’s ego without necessarily appearing to be actual bragging.

Human beings are fascinating creatures and as we all know, capable of doing both good and evil. We do, as human beings, need to take more note of those good things that are done by so many. Too often, the evil seems to outshine the good in terms of being newsworthy, something that we see in the media. Again, it is important that we hear about the good. The danger is that there are those who constantly need to indulge in this curious form of self-aggrandizement.

Clearly, there is the verbal method of doing this and people who are involved in this as their modus operandi are often not the favorite of others. There are those people who have indulged in Christmas letters, and here I need to be careful to explain that there are those ‘Christmas letters’ that serve a great purpose in giving us info about the lives of our friends and acquaintances and yet others that are nothing more than a written and image ridden brag sheet. It is terrible to say that in our ‘Christmas Card basket’ that we have a collection of both.

The social media is the latest area where this interesting form of bragging has blossomed. Again, it is good to know of the good that our friends and their families are involved in, but there is a fine line between posting this information for ‘bragging’ purposes, which is sometimes done under the guise of being proud. We should be proud of these things, but some of us have a ‘hobby’ of trying to look better than the average joe.

Most of us don’t talk about the people who do this. To be honest, some of those who do this are not even aware they are doing so. Nonetheless, they only ‘publicize’ the noteworthy info and make others think that their lives and families are perfect and unfettered by normal issues of growing up and making some less than great choices.

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