A Bruder kind of truck day!

A day with the grandson is always a delight. Not that it isn’t with the granddaughters, because there is also nothing like that. It is just after having had three sons, and then three granddaughters, we are all having a good time with the youngest progeny, a chill, warm, loving, young man.

He came over to our house with his new Bruder cement truck, something that he had really wanted for Christmas, didn’t get it then, and then his father, our son, picked it up at a Farm Store for half price. He brought it over in the morning and worried about not having it to take home all day long. As we were at his martial arts class, going in, he said, « Where’s my cement truck? »

I remember loving a certain toy like that, it all takes me back. I remember a Tonka metal pick up truck that I had and experienced countless hours of fun. There is nothing like that.

So when he arrived, we wondered what we could add to the magical cement truck situation to add into the fun. I located our marbles that we have usually used with our old (from our own boys) marble works set, that our grandson loves so much. We started him young on it, giving him six marbles and watching very carefully that we got them all back at the end of the play. Now, we don’t need to be as concerned, yet we still watch carefully. Now, it is more of an issue to not have marbles all over the house for those of us over sixty to fall on, lol. Truly, however, that is no laughing matter.

He got those marbles and placed them in the mixer of the cement truck and had an enormously good time. I gave him a funnel, had to explain what it was, and he used it to put some of the marbles in the mixer. Some of them, clearly, were too large to go through. We former teachers are always looking for some sort of creative, new learning situation. To ‘rein in’ the marbles, we have a huge baking sheet with sides that he was able to play on. He enjoyed the marbles rolling around on that as well.

The whole day was, other than a break to draw cards for all of the family members, a cement truck play day. What a fun day it was!

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