These delicious cookies were sent by a new Facebook friend I have never met in person, Jean-Luc Maechling. Through a good friend, Martine Musslin (whose bakery made the cookies: bredele), we arranged a month homestay for the son of an Oakton colleague. Julian stayed in Jean-Luc’s home and travelled all over France.

Facebook has its good points and its bad points. I can forgive a lot of the bad, because we can overlook them. When people are ‘fakebooking’ it, we can just pass by the posts. I have issues with the political and borderline treasonous things that have been allowed and perpetrated, probably because of financial reasons. Let’s face facts, money always talks. My thoughts today border on the way that some people portray themselves in such positive ways on Facebook and seemingly lay claim to the fact that they are perfect.

It is okay to put nice things on Facebook, and frankly, given the evil world within which we live, that is a good thing. We need to be able to see cute things, important things, and maybe learn of what is going on. As with any sort of media, one has to be ready to take things with a grain of salt, and in this day and age, fact check.

Perhaps, in defense of the people who truly make their Facebook situation one that is mainly ‘Fakebook,’ we all want to put ourselves out there not showing our dirty laundry. We want to put the bright part of our days. It makes us feel better. I guess what I am getting at here is that there are people who, when you talk to them might, for example, constantly complain about this or that in their lives. Then on Fakebook, they display the objects of their harangues as ideal people and situations that are totally the opposite of what we know to be true. I suppose that perhaps in doing so, people are trying to repaint a situation that is unpleasant to them, and maybe in doing so, some of it will actually stick to reality.

I guess that all of this is a bit of, perhaps we should all be more careful when we are posting on Facebook. I go back and forth in my head as to the importance or the evils of Facebook. Via Facebook, I have reconnected with more than one individual from my past, several of whom I thought were forever lost to me. I then see the less satisfying side of Facebook, where evil and fake news are being disseminated. It all makes me go back and forth with either staying on or getting off of Facebook. Time will answer that question.

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