Ice and snow

Ice! It is everywhere. I made a mistake and didn’t go out Saturday evening before going to bed to clean off the driveway, walk, and stoops. The snow melted enough and froze, The temps on Sunday are in the twenties, the mid-twenties, that is, and during the night, most of our driveway was plowed, but what was left has turned into a sheet of ice.

It is nice for our son with the plowing service as the winter has been less than lucrative for his business. We had a nice snow really early on and then…nada.

I debated walking Stewart, and as it turns out, the only place that I slipped was my own driveway. I almost turned him out in the backyard but in the end I didn’t want to have to deal with ‘pick up,’ if you know what I mean. In our area, I often see vans that advertise their ‘pick up’ service because North Shore people don’t want to deal with that.

I read that just a few hundred miles away, in my home town of Cleveland, that yesterday they had a day of 70 degree weather and broke records. Now, that is odd, especially when you consider that Cleveland and Chicago usually share the same weather.

This morning, I cleaned up the driveway, shoveled the area from our gate on, and then had breakfast, of course after walking Stewart. I went to the gym and did my time on the rowing machine, came home and folded laundry. I am enjoying a cup of Assam tea and then plan to do a little Hungarian, put away my laundry, and then, maybe read my book.

All in a day’s work. Meanwhile, I wonder what the weather will bring.

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