More of ice and snow

I don’t know why, but this weather I find somewhat difficult. I don’t want to fall on the ice and I find that when you least expect it, you find ice. The other day, I slipped slightly as I was on our driveway and heading into the street. I have decided to be more proactive about correctly walking and doing my utmost not to take chances. Instead of attempting to walk on very icy, questionable sidewalks, I walk in the snow, isn’t that what boots are for anyway? Then there is the penguin walk I recently discovered, but that is another story.

I took a few moments today, before a well check up with my doctor, to put away the last bits of Christmas that we have, my mom’s ceramic Christmas tree and a few other things. Just as I thought of these, I remembered that I forgot something. In the bottom of the grandfather clock, the last decoration are awaiting my help: the little German wooden angels that play instruments and are led by a wooden angel bought for me by my father when I was quite young. The latter looks as if he is conducting the others and I placed them with a few small wooden trees in the base of the grandather clock. Of course I forgot them!

In order to facilate the melting of the driveway snow, I took a shovel to it and, in many cases, removing snow and ice from multiple locations, hopefully making it less likely to have ice slicks. So often, however, it doesn’t always work as we plan. I did this after coming home from the gym, where I went after my doctor’s appointment. My appointment was at 10:30 and I didn’t get in until 11:30. There were four people ahead of me, and as my doctor pointed out on her own, despite her good intentions at padding things so that if she gets behind, she won’t be too far behind, her patients managed to undo her planning. I realize as well that she has an older population that she is serving, which doesn’t help. I was out before noon.

I have tutoring in the late afternoon, and now that I have doctored, exercised, snow removed, put out the recycling and garbage. I guess I have had a busy day.

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