Oat Milk and dreaming in Hungarian

Okay, so at least ‘Jewels’ has A2 milk!

Our son the chef spoke to us of alternative things we can put in our coffee and he suggested Oat Milk. We tried it and liked it but it just makes me wonder what the ramifications of oat milk and not milk might actually mean. It is not that we cannot have milk, for example, we are not lactose intolerant, so we don’t have to change. Is it really worth it? Yesterday, at a checkup at my doctor’s office, I spoke to her of A2 milk and about how I find it annoying that lactose intolerant people are pretty much unaware that it might well be an alternative for them. We have gotten A2 milk, and I must say that I like it in my coffee. No surprises with my doctor, she told me that she tells her patients who are lactose intolerant to try out the A2. It is great having a holistic-minded doctor.

I was just telling my wife that I was counting in Hungarian in my sleep. Yesterday afternoon, I had done some Pimsleur work, I am up to Lesson 17 in a set of 30 lessons that I have. I am spending more time on them than they expect and working perhaps more slowly. I want to make sure I have really acquired what they have to offer before I move on and figure out my next language move. I was thinking that in the morning, when doing a plank, that I could count back from sixty. I have awakened, gone to the bathroom, and then decided to count back from sixty in Hungarian in my head and thus fell asleep. I then somehow remember continuing to practice. Anyone who knows about the study of Hungarian would tell you that for those of us who speak English, there are few tips and clues in the Hungarian language to be of help, if any at all.

So this morning, I did a plank and counted back from sixty and found it to be a bit of a challenge. I suppose that is what we need at this stage in our lives.

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