Rothadt tájos and other thoughts

I don’t even know if this is correct, I have to find someone with a good knowledge of Hungarian to verify this. Although I am a language teacher and know how to use dictionaries and grammar books, I am left to things like them along with a dose of Google Translate. My memories of hearing Hungarian words as a child is less than wonderful as I realize that many of the things I thought I remembered correctly were nothing more than perceptions that may be somewhat close to reality but may actually be way off base.

One of the things I remember as being a youngster and having it stick in my head was the expression in Hungarian for rotten egg. I don’t know whether it was just an expression my family members used or that maybe I heard once, asked about it, and latched onto it. It has stuck in my brain for my whole life and I recently tried to figure out how to spell it.

Google Translate, as a language teacher, is something I abhor. Now I realize that it has its place, it is just a question of how you use it. As language teachers, we find students using it exclusively, to the point of not taking the time to learn things or expressions. Recently, I wondered about some students whose written language was surprisingly good, until you looked carefully and saw that much was good, but then there were these crazy mistakes that make you think of a translation device. I, however, have found it helpful as a tool when I am honing transcriptions. I will switch from writing it in English on Google Translate and then taking what I think it should be in Hungarian and putting it into Hungarian to see what the translation is in English. Back in the day, we did this using the dictionary, which I still do anyway. Now we have a new vehicle for doublechecking.

As a kid, I love saying the expression in Hungarian for ‘rotten egg;’ it sounded good to my ear, so much so that it is still in my gray matter.

More to come…

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