Random Hungarian words I remember from my youth

A part of my Hungarian library

I remember a bunch of random words in Hungarian from my youth; they stand out and reappear in my head every so often. It all makes me wonder why it is that these words were important enough for me to actually remember at all. To this day, they are in my head and will thus remain with me forever.

If only I had had the language glue, the Hungarian whatever, to put all of these together and to actually be able to communicate with them. If only I had pursued the study of the language earlier on; I always thought, I can do it later.

I am sorry that I didn’t find the time during all these years to pursue it. In my anal-retentive, sometimes OCD mind, I kept thinking that I needed to find a class to take. I suppose that is my academic, teacher side. On the other hand, due to the Internet, it is now possible to find all sorts of things online and what adds into the current ease is the fact that Hungary is no longer under the domination of the Russian thumb and communism and more open than during most of my lifetime. In any case, I am going to plod along until I have a handle on it.

Finding things genealogically has been still difficult. It seems to me that most of my family’s records are not easily found. I now have a young man living near Lake Balaton in Hungary who is going to help out. He is a university student and due to my having become friends with his uncle by marriage on Facebook, he cyber-walked into my life.

So I look at these words and just wonder. I wonder as well how many words my own sister remembers. She even went to Hungarian school, which I missed out on. She says she remembers nothing at all.

Meanwhile, I keep listening to and repeating my lessons, and counting in Hungarian; in slumber I am even found to be counting in Hungarian.

I apologize, in advance, for any mistakes. I am learning to use the Hungarian keyboard and finally have somewhat of a handle on the Hungarian accent system. Due to the way the Hungarian language works and that you add to the words as you do in a language of declensions, my spelling could well be off.

Hungarian words remembered

    minden every
    drága expensive
    gyönyörű beautiful
    lány girl
    fiú boy
    Gyere ide Come here
    elég enough
    gyerekek children
    kutya dog
    macska cat
    mókus squirrel
    disznó pig
    csirke chicken
    bárány lamb
    szeret like, love
    rothadt rotten
    sárga yellow
    fekete black
    meleg warm
    hideg cold
    ház house
    pénz money
    keze hand
    levest soup
    mákos poppyseed
    dió walnut
    túrós cheese
    friss fresh
    itt van here is
    nem no
    igen yes
    tányér plate
    papír paper
    virág flower
    táska bag
    bácsi uncle, man
    néni aunt, lady
    bolond crazy
    láb foot or leg
    krumpli potato
    kenyér bread
    kukorica corn
    paprika pepper, paprika
    paradicsom tomato
    dinyye watermelon
    káposzta cabbage
    uborka cucumber
    tea tea
    kávé coffee
    cukor sugar
    rétes streudel
    víz water
    iskola school
    templom church
    kórház hospital
    beteg sick
    bogarak beetle, bug
    csúnya naughty, mischievous, ugly
    hallgassa listen (I thought it meant be quiet)
    hogy van? how are you? (Formal)
    hogy vagy? how are you? (Informal)
    magyar Hungarian
    magyarul the Hungarian language
    csúnya bogarak a term of endearment my Grandmother used for the grandkids

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