Snow, ice, bad roads, a play

It was kind of a busy day. I ended up the week with my third medical appointment of the week, actually two plus one dental. That was enough. I arrived early for my ENT appointment to remove ear wax and although I was pretty much half an hour early, they took me really early and once the wax was removed I had an audiology test. The whole experience was less than fun and I have another appointment in February with them. I also have several over the counter sinus aids since although I have never had a sinus infection (knock on wood), I have had issues of glue. Need I say more?

I came outside to my next surprise, although it wasn’t really one. SNOW! We had received warnings of it but the whole day had gone by and there was no snow. When I went in before 3:30 PM, there was nothing. When I came out around 5:00 PM, there was an inch of heavy snow and it was coming down fast. The streets were a disaster and the movement was slow. I went home and within a half an hour, we were out again to pick up some friends who live in Deerfield for dinner and a play. The driving was incredibly slow; despite the warnings, the snow plowers doing the streets were not functioning well.

Dinner at Wildfire was excellent, parking there was impossible (The Glen) and so I dropped everyone off at the door. I was glad to have manual transmission and all wheel drive. The snow continued to fall during dinner, necessitating more car cleaning. We had a wonderful time with our friends, found through our committee of the Chicago Associates of the Stratford Festival.

We got in the car and the roads were still basically impassible and we just plugged slowly along, arriving in downtown Glenview on Glenview Road. The play was Jake’s Women, a Neil Simon play and was quite good in the small venue. It featured Jake and seven women, one playing his daughter at two different ages.

We got in the car after removing yet more snow and found the roads after ten o’clock to be virtually impassible. For a city that deals with snow all the time and usually well at that, it was surprising that the super and even correct advance warnings were not heeded. We had to go about half the posted speed to surive the ice and snow, but my car was great and we even passed a major scene where a tow truck was trying to remove a car that had jumped and gotten stuck on a median strip. It took a long time to get home but we delivered our friends to their home, watched a little Bill Maher, and went to bed very late.

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