The Iowa catastrophe

One of my many ‘resting’ orchids decided to bloom.

Does it just make you want to see red?

Our country is frankly faced with one of the most serious situations ever and somehow the Democrats managed to screw up in Iowa. Perhaps they didn’t, but in not being vigilant and in making sure that things went appropriately, they were.

Do they just want to make you scream?

Frankly, I am sick and tired of the fact that the Democrats, albeit not the scum buckets that most of the Republicans seem to be, are not pulling together and saying, « It is a national catastrophe that we are dealing with and we must rise to the occasion. We will thus brainstorm, select a candidate, and get behind our choice, period. » We cannot afford to have any sort of devisiveness as we fight fascism, and seriously, it is. Our environment alone is perhaps the most serious problem we have and the current régime is doing an unbelievable job helping the rest of the world dismantle any controls we have to improve our climate issues.

Iowa just might have done us in and I seriously hope not. This is not the way to begin a campaign to find a candidate that can beat the horrible human being inhabiting the oval office. Are not most of us aware that the opposition will stoop to any level, lie about anything and everything, and even engage in criminal activities to achieve their goals? In my head, it all started with Merrick Garland, and his nomination to serve. In my head, the refusal of the Republicans in the Senate to hold a hearing and vote on his candidacy during the Obama presidency was the beginning of what I deem to be the end of honest Republican Party members.

I am scared.

I keep hearing that we may have another four years of this régime. Can our country survive this?

At least Mitt Romney was a Republican voice of reason. Too bad nobody listens to him.

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