Lost in Subaru

I have had my share of freak things happen, but yesterday’s stands out as one of the weirdest ever.

I went tutoring and when I went to set up my iPad to my laptop at my tutee’s home, I realized that it was not there. No biggy, I just went with my laptop. I figured that I had left the iPad at home and had not put it in the bag.

I got home and couldn’t find my iPad anywhere. When I went to the app to find it, I had the iPad make a noise and I heard nothing. The iPad was 100% on and charged, so that surprised me. I searched all over the house and found nothing. I searched the car, nothing. I even took a cursory look in the garbage and recycling, as I had put them out, and found nothing.

I went on the app and found that it was still in the area, either in my house or garage, but on my property. Then it apparently went ‘missing’ as I was not getting any new connections from it. I wondered if I should erase it, put it in ‘lost’ mode. I decided I would let it go for the night. It was odd, but I thought maybe it would show up before long.

In the morning, it appeared to be in the area. Both MK and I had checked my car and searched all over the house.

I decided to go on as normal so I pulled out the paint so I could touch up the areas adjacent to the cabinets that were just refinished. I check my app on the phone. My iPad was now in Glenview and apparently right by an Egg Harbor or something. Strangely enough, Mary Kay had gone out to breakfast with a friend and although I hadn’t paid attention to where, this seemed plausible. Either she, who had taken my car (because I ended up taking both grandkids to school and needed her car with the car seats ,had it with her, or it was really missing.

When she came home, sure enough, the app showed that my iPad had traveled home. I tore into that car and found nothing in the trunk. I did a more thorough search of the interior and finally found it where it slid underneath the front seat. Apparently it flew out of my briefcase (along with my laptop mouse) and lodged itself where it was difficult to notice.

I am now quite the happy iPad owner.

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