Crisp, cold sheets

I have no photos of those crisp, cold sheets, this crispy, winter day will have to do.

Many years ago, MK and I were in grad school together. It is where we met. As the stars seemed to comply with our meeting because I was at Ohio University for undergrad and had applied to the University of Illinois and Case Western Reserve University for grad school. MK was at the University of Illinois for undergrad and had not found a teaching job. I was asked if I wanted to stay on for grad school at OU, which I did since I hadn’t heard from the U of I or Case Western Reserve and MK came to the school after they searched her out, never even having heard of it. So there we were in Athens, Ohio, not very far from the West Virginia border.

As it happened, we both decided to spend the summer after our first year of grad school (we were engaged by then) to go to Jalapa, Mexico, near Veracruz, for a six week homestay and study of Spanish. We went but my mononucleosis, which the health center told me posed no problem, blew up with an intense fever on the train and bus ride down to Mexico City, where we were to be for one week. Due to my illness, we both came home after the Mexico City portion and luckily that MK did because Montezuma decided to wreak havoc with her intestines shortly after arrival at her home.

My mono, which had beforehand been a quite mild illness, hit me like a ton of bricks.

We went to a family friend and ENT man, Dr. Wiley Harrison, who first suspected that I might have diptheria or some other God awful disease. He had looked at my throat. He quickly decided that I had an allergy to the penicillin I had taken while in Mexico and for years penicillin was not something I was allowed to take.

It brings me to the mention of sleep.

I was at MK’s house in Glenview, Illinois and must report some of the most delicious sleep I have had in my life. I was exhausted and staying with MK’s family before going home to Cleveland, and we thought it best I get some good rest. I most assuredly did.

MK’s mom, whatever issues she may have had (she is still alive in the nursing home and pushing 101 years of age), was a wizard with sheets and bedmaking. She had sheets of cotton that the wealthy and royalty might covet and my sleep in the ice cold, summer air conditioned, Glenview home, was delicious in a perfectly made bed with floral, crisp sheets.

It was amazing.

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