Beware of Yelp and Watch Repair

My father’s watch, probably about eighty-three years old.

I believe I have written about this before. I used to have a wonderful watch repairman in Glenview, IL. He is still there but he is getting up in years and has had some health issues and can replace batteries but not do major repairs.

I took my watch to a repair place near the intersection of Dundee and Waukegan Roads. What ensued was over a year of toying with me as he kept promising me to work on it and didn’t. He was busy doing everyone else’s work and never really telling me what was going on.

I ended up reviewing him on Yelp afterwards. Mind you, I used to do reviews on Yelp and stopped, even to the point of removing all of my reviews, when Yelp continually contacted me for things they didn’t like and pulled a review or a photo. They would say that it was ‘inappropriate’ and offer no clear explanation. I couldn’t figure out how my photos of businesses might be inappropriate. When I contacted them, they would NEVER respond. I pulled all of my work.

Today, I received a message that several people have ‘flagged’ my review of the recent watch repair and they are thus ‘pulling my review.

I am done with them and am leaving several reviews up for a while because it is the only way that these guys can get my online compliments that they so deserve. It is clear to me that the watch repair guy figured out how to ‘work the system’ to pull my review.

Here is the review I placed online for the watch repair. Note that I almost never put up a negative review.

XXX Watch Repair

I really wanted to believe that I was going to get a great watch repair replacement for my longtime watch repair person in Glenview.

I was wrong.

I have a Swiss, mechanical watch, a high school graduation gift for my father in 1937. My previous watch repair person took this watch that was in total disrepair, hands not even attached, and repaired it. It worked for some fifteen years, keeping perfect time.

It started losing time.

I went in to XXX Watch Services because of a recommendation and I was thrilled about its proximity.

I have been waiting for months for my watch. I was originally promised it would be ready in two weeks. That was in June. I took it in to be repaired. Each and every time I would call or stop in, it was clear that it had not been worked on. He would pick it up and start working on it when I stopped in. XXXX even mentioned to me on more than one occasion, that other work had come in and he just didn’t have time for it. That surprised me. That is not professional and not good business practice.

Basically, I kept getting a major runaround.

I understand that things happen and that perhaps my watch was a difficult repair, but this is a supposedly a 3rd generation watch repairman. I don’t care at all for the way he does business, as it was clear my watch was not a priority and he wasn’t able to be honest about that. I also was very offended by his constant criticism of my previous watch repairman. He complained of the work done and supposed damage. My previous watch repairman is quite old now, has Parkinson’s disease, and may well have accidentally damaged the watch the last time I took it in. I think it is unprofessional, however, for a professional to make negative comments on previous work.

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