Kirk Douglas, francophile?

Go Blue! The fève to put in our French Galette des Rois, meant to cheer on the French soccer team.

As Mary Kay said, « I was gobsmacked. » I was on Facebook and the American Association of Teachers of French put a post on in which they revealed Kirk Douglas, who passed away at 103 years of age the other day, was an ardent Francophile and even spoke French. I didn’t really believe it and so there I was, in my car awaiting movement so I could pick up my prescriptions from Walgreen’s, listening to Kirk Douglas on YouTube speaking French to a French news personality. It blew me away.

That was a nice bit of news and a far cry from the national news in which our President, otherwise known as the King of Liars, was railing at the Democrats in the aftermath of impeachment and in his ‘acquittal’ only due to the partisanship of the Republican Senate in which only one Senator, Mitt Romney, broke with his party and opted for reason and honesty. Then there is the head of the Democratic National Committee who is railing against the Democrats. Instead of attempting to rally the forces to actually defeat what I deem to be an enemy of the people, the Democratsare doing their utmost to meet the needs of the left leaning part of the party and forget that first, they must defeat the tyrant.

…and tyrant he is and how he can be viewed otherwise is totally beyond me.

I spent a lazy day, doing my routine exercises, heading out the door to do a quick shovel of, as it turns out, only a small layer of snow that melted anyway. I then enjoyed breakfast and coffee and took the dog to grooming at 1:00 PM and hit the gym.

It is cold, but nice and apparently Antarctica has registered the warmest temps ever…where are we headed?

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