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For years I have noticed something I never noticed growing up, a parade of vehicles, cars, that all look good. Living on the North Shore, that is a way of life. I remember growing up and seeing expensive cars and then, well, the rusted out beaters. What is a beater? Is that a thing of the past or is it just that I am very sheltered where I live. It is not uncommon to see the most common car around, a Tesla, each and every day. I have been seeing Maseratis more than once and a good Porsche, Ferrari, or Corvette is not uncommon. What is uncommon is to see me driving something other than a Subaru. Of late, I even wonder if I will ever have a car with some better Technololgy or even, maybe a sunroof. Mind you, I am not complaining, but I realize that so many vehicles are just out of my reach.

The cars are my first thought of the day. Maga is number two. MK noticed the sign next to the door on the nasty neighbor to the south. I actually saw the lesser than human being just yesterday as I was pushing the less than an inch of snow off the driveway. I think he actually fled into the house seeing me. He seems a little healthier than he has been as he is able to do a few things outside. One day, I overheard the grunt-gasping sounds he was making as he was attempting to be without his oxygen support. Apparently the oxygen presence is highly embarrassing to him. It is so interesting to me that his behavior and abusive behavior to his supposed loved ones and his neighbors doesn’t seem to phase him. As with our new Freedom Medal of Honor winner, Rush Limbaugh, perhaps he should use his terminal status to work on his legacy and perhaps repent a bit. In either case, it is just not going to happen.

Anyway, Mary Kay looked at the sign and wondered if it were saying ‘Make America Great Again.’ Yes, Mary Kay, it is. My malbor is a man who will only buy American and I am sure that part of his problem with me is that I buy ‘foreign’ cars. For years, I only bought American and, to be honest, they were not the best cars I have had. So far, that prize is taken by Isuzu and Subaru.

The people to our south have a Ford and a Lincoln. I wonder how many parts of those cars are from the United States. Interesting as well that although the two of them travel almost nowhere, the cars are behemoths of SUVs that spend their time in and out of the garage and driveway, and are washed almost every week.

I guess that those two must be awfully happy with the life they have made and are enjoying the ‘Great America’ that they live in.

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