Life in the Times of Agent Orange (POTUS?) and Covid-19

These dogs have more smarts and EMPATHY than the current U.S. government.

We are threatened by a virus and people are behaving just as they have for the last few years, badly. The arrival of Agent Orange, AKA 45, etc., on the political scene has unleashed a fury of negative behavior and instead of our national government doing its utmost to make things better, they have in fact, exacerbated the problems. Have we dealt with the gun violence, the climate issues, the inequalities? No, instead we have allowed bad things to go on and by saying nothing, making them actually grow in power, and we have denied climate problems and worked toward making things even less equal for all. How about the response de the Coronavirus? At first we were in denial, then it is all of a sudden a pandemic. Interesting how we deny what we originally espoused!

Have we taken care of our people? No, instead we have listened to an unfortunately disenfranchised group of people, angry people, and despite not really helping them, allowed them to vent. Their venting has spread like the other current threat: coronavirus. It is almost like poetic justice, as if the misbehavior by so many has resulted in a scourge on the world, a reminder that so many are misbehaving and not treating people well.

Nature Mama is angry and perhaps some of the things we haven’t done have made the spread of this threat easier. I think I am taking way too many liberties with my thoughts here, but one cannot help but think that way.

The only pleasant thing in this threat is that it might possibly be the undoing of a régime that I view as illegitimate, a régime that was even illegitimate before it came to power, aided by people who blocked a Supreme Court Justice nominee. A foreign governnment managed to get away with involvement in our election. For the life of me, I just cannot understand the collaboration of supposedly good American citizens in this disaster of a situation. I also cannot believe that they are unaware that history will judge this period as one even worse than that of McCarthy and that the players will be deemed villains and not the heros they are currently portraying themselves as…

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