Aleve, Tendonitis, and a canceled trip

I have not been sleeping that well and I am blaming it on taking Aleve for tendonitis that I am trying to divest myself of. That is easier said than done as I have been trying to get rid of the tendonitis since October. I have had at least two other bouts of this tendonitis, settled in and around my ankle, and seemingly exacerbated when I stand on my tiptoes or do too much stretching. I am a squatter, and have always resorted to squatting when I need to do something on the floor or ground and that movement pulls on the tendon, from what I can see.

Doctor-wise, I must admit to little help in this tendonitis. I finally ended up with orthotics, but shamefully, did not wear them all the time. I think that this time I need to perhaps always wear them, no matter what. I am wearing them full time as of October, but my usual methods have not worked so I have resorted to a week of Aleve and a tight brace on my ankle. That appears to be helping, but certainly not as fast as I would like.

The sleep is long but the dreaming is not pleasant. I must say I really don’t believe Aleve is to blame, but it feels better if I do say so myself. I am even wearing the brace at night.

At this point, our proposed, tentative trip to Puerto Rico looks like a total non-happening. We are worried not only because of our age, but because of the lack of infrastructure in Puerto Rico, an American Territory, but most assuredly, not a favored one. Our treatment of Puerto Rico and the Americans who live there has been nothing short of abysmal. In between Hurrican Maria and the recent earthquakes, we on the continent act as they are subhuman and not even worthy of our concernt. Shame on us!

In any case, we did cancel, and it looks as if it were a good thing as it seems that domestic flights may be in jeopardy.

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