The beginning of our week of confinement

Adult slime scented with Bay Rum is one of the by-products of our staycation.

I don’t know why I say, « Farewell, Puerto Rico » when we never even got there. As the power of Covid-19, AKA the Coronavirus continued to build, our family was in constant discussion about whether or not it was wise to go. The area is probably safer than where we live, but the issue was airports and then the infrastructure, in case things got bad very quickly. The even larger thought was what might the current régime do? We wondered if all of a sudden, all flights might be canceled and we might be stuck indefinitely in Puerto Rico. We all know that according to our government, the Puerto Rican people are less than citizens and not deserving of help. All you have to do is take a look at the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and the recent earthquakes to understand the reality of this totally intolerant and inhumane response.

So, yesterday, Friday the 13th, we put into effect a shut down of all of the aspects of our trip: flights, rental car, etc. We were ‘tagging along’ thus we didn’t need to worry about the VRBO. Our son did get his money back.

One of the funnier things, and I am sure my son and his family might not think so, is that they are moving in with us on the day that we were supposed to get on the plane and experience spring break.

I think I am jinxed. The last time I was supposed to spend time in a Spanish speaking country, Mexico, my mono made me come home. That was in 1974. Another funny thing is that I, perhaps one of the few people on the North Shore, can count the times I have had Spring Break. When our kids were younger, we were a one salary family, and a teacher’s salary at that. When they were a little older and we might even think of travel, the kids and I, and then Mary Kay when she went back to teaching, had different breaks literally every year.

Despite all of this, our staycation, if you factor out the looming threat of the Coronavirus, which by the way, decimated the grocery stores and cleaned them out, something I have never seen firsthand in my lifetime, we are all healthy. We are doing our utmost to remain so. Today we are having lunch on the west side of Chicago with the chief medical officer of Cook County. I think we shall be as safe as we can be. As I often write, ‘Carpe Diem!’

It is Sunday, eight days later from the day when we started our official lockdown. All is well and we are maintaining sanity withhin the framework.

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