Memories of Day 1 of confinement

Today our walk in Deerfield found these high school juniors in a social distancing situation yet socializing in the middle of a parking lot.

It is Sunday the 15th of March in the year 2020. For the first time in my life, I see the country coming to a halt. For the first time in my life, I see first-hand the decimated counters at a local grocery store. We are all to keep our social distances, at least six feet, and we must wash our hands frequently, which for me means that despite Shea butter soap and some cream (how I hate to put that on my hands), my fingers are cracking for the first time in years. Welcome back New Skin, but more importantly, Super glue!

It is hovering around thirty-two degrees outside, there is a layer of snow on the lawns with the grass peeking through. I walked Stewie to a vision of desolate North Shore streets.

We talked to the head of the Cook County Medical System yesterday and she told us that we have a lockdown of from two to four weeks. I am betting on four or more. Schools are closed, exhibitions, theatres, etc., and I can only imagine the financial issues hitting just about every aspect of our culture. It is a frightening time when your enemy is invisible and has qualities that are somewhat known, but not completely. It is so sad because they people who have the least financial ability to deal with this, will be forced to face a very uncertain future.

Our spring break is gone, morphed into a staycation as we decided not to deal with the fear of airports and being stuck in place in Puerto Rico, a part of our country not treated as being part of our country, for fear that the person in leadership would come up with some crazy plan that would keep us out of the continental U.S. It is strangely quiet in our house and I see little life outside.


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