2nd Day of ‘Confinement,’Cleaning Day!

Waiting for these little beauties.

We had a busy day. Sunday was the first day that we went nowhere, not even getting into the car. Coronavirus is insidious and invisible, so we stayed in. We had a busy day, doing more organizing in the downstairs area.

We decided that our cleaning ladies, two Polish ladies who do a very nice job, would not be coming to clean. They were supposed to come several weeks ago, if I am not mistaken and needed to change the time. We changed and that change got changed again. The next time they were supposed to come, Alicja, we think, had a back issue. Honestly, we are not sure. Finally, we didn’t hear from them for several days and then we heard that they wanted to come today, Monday. We thought about it and honestly had been doing enough maintenance cleaning (it has been about a month since a major cleaning) that we decided to do it ourselves. That is the first time in many years that we have done a full cleaning.

Leave it to me to get into a major cleaning issue instead of just doing the cleaning. I started taking apart the top of the stove so that I could put the grates and trays in the dishwasher. In doing so, I found that I needed to put in some major elbow grease so I did that with the super vinegar I have steeping in orange peels. I put what I could in the dishwasher and then continued cleaning the stove. For the first time in many years, I actually got on my hands and knees to do the wood floors (upstairs hallway, steps, kitchen, dining room, and adjacent living room areas not covered by carpeting. So, besides organizing to get out lower area back in sync with the rest of the house, we are now nice and clean. The cleaning ladies, judging from their terse text to Mary Kay, are not all that happy.

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