Written on Day 5 and Posted on Day 12…chipmunks are back’

I opened the door as I prepared to take Stewart out for his morning walk. What do I see sitting on the stoop but a chipmunk, sitting there sunning himself. As I ran to grab my camera, since I knew I could get a nice close up of him through the glass of the door, I realized that my movements were anything but bothersome to the little guy. He is living under my front stoop for sure. The minute we opened the door, he fled and disappeared. I saw the good sized hole in the dirt and mulch, next to the brick I had placed over the last hole I filled in in the late summer or early fall.

Damn, they are pesky little animals.

Cute, yes, but oh so destructive and for whatever reason, their predators seem to be in short supply since there have been so many of them in the past few years. Squirrels, chipmunks, and skunks seem to be quite numerous. I keep getting messages that the coyotes are everywhere in Deerfield, a town in a state of emergency as we were informed yesterday. I am a bit surprised as the last time coyotes were plentiful, the rabbits and other rodents were not to be found.

The state of emergency in Deerfield must relate to the Deerfield High School student who was directly exposed to the Coronavirus. I don’t know if his or her exposure was to a parent or to someone else, so I don’t know if the person affected lives in Deerfield. Meanwhile, we are being asked by the Deerfield mayor to support the local businesses and restaurants. The food establishments are all closed for a time, due to the governor’s edict. Our mayor wants us to do take out or delivery. I guess that we, however, for the time being, are going to avoid that and continue to do what we have been doing.

Last night, I pulled out the waffle maker and we had waffles that I made on the stove. I had trouble with the second one as I heated it up too hot and it was hard to get that baby out of the iron. They were delicious, nonetheless, and I did make a mess of the stove that I had just cleaned so carefully. In oiling up the iron, I put too much since I was having trouble getting one of the waffles out, you get the picture.

As my sister so aptly put to me, we are reaping the benefits of having lived with a mother who was a bit of a hoarder. We have all kinds of things to cook and bake with. Today might be cranberry teacakes (if we have cranberries in the freezer) or cinnamon rolls.

I guess there are some good things to be had from the lockdown…

It is currently day 12 of confinement as I post this earlier written blog. I wrote this one on the fifth day of confinement. Despite the fact that I wrote this post earlier. Deerfield, Highland Park, Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Lake Zurich are the parts of Lake County that have the most cases. Not a pleasant thought, at that.

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