Days 62 and 63 of Confinement as viewed from Day 64, the beginning of our week 10

This is how it looks this morning on our patio…

We are almost ready to begin Week Ten of Confinement.

It has been a long haul, but in many ways easy to bear. It has helped that we have our son and his family living with us. It is hard giving up an established routine and it is hard having the chaos of a larger family, but overall, it is a good thing. The hard thing is that we don’t see the rest of our family with the normalcy we would normally have. Let’s not even get into the missing hugs. We miss our littlest grandchildren. It has seriously been a long time since we hugged them last.

Yesterday was a glorious day and one in which the bulk of the day could be and was spent on the patio or in the outside arena. I did little things here and there outside, a weed here, a change there. One thing I realized was that my water lotus set up was fraught with issues as it was leaking. I took the small pot (a Rachel Ray bowl that could easily be moved – it has a mixture of clay and better soil with sand on the top) and put it into the large, plastic, half barrel that I intended all along. The issue is that it needs to be outside and thus I am happy that I have a ‘reptile’ water warmer. It is keeping the temperature of the water nice and warm which is apparently what the water lotus likes.

The other day, we had sat down on the ‘Plow and Hearth’ Bench we have out by the pond. I was disappointed with it from the moment it arrived. It was not as well built as expected and I even had to contact Plow and Hearth because a piece was broken. Pond benches are hard for us as when they are of wood, they have not always been to our liking and sometimes require much upkeep. We would like something in the wrought iron style of our patio but they don’t make a bench anymore for our model. We ended up with a mahogany colored bench made of recycled plastic which is extremely durable, easy to clean, and built to last a long time, made out of recyclable materials. It looks great and it was easy to assemble.

We had a great day, the dogs got washed and groomed by the girls and it was fun being outside. There was little movement by malbor, which only added to our glee. The house was cleaned by our family cleaning crew as well, which is always a plus.

It is Saturday, Day sixty-three as I write and the grandgirls and their parents are at their home doing yardwork. We are taking a break. I am soon to go outside and do a few things.

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