Days 63 and 64 of Confinement

A look toward the north and the forsythia that has finally removed its yellow flowers. The rains are non-stop!

I was just thinking that it almost seems as if we had never lived differently, so much have we all adjusted to the new normal, if that is even possible.

My days are spent in keeping things clean, airing the house out, putting things away, doing some Duolingo Hungarian, reading, working on a puzzle, and even painting by number. The only thing that truly has not changed is my ‘putzing’ as MK puts it, in the yard. I still do that and Day sixty-three found me clearing out the Rubbermaid container by the new recycled material bench for outdoor pillow storage, adjusting the new high quality solar lights on the pond and the mini Asian temple, checking on the outdoor status of my hibiscus and citrus trees (placing them in the playhouse at the end of the day), and pulling a weed or two. We spent less time outdoors on day sixty-three as it cooled off quite a bit. We did not even eat outside.

One thing that we were supposed to embark upon was the refinishing of our dining room table and chairs. Given the household situation of six humans living in our formerly empty nest, we are holding that thought for later.

The forsythia bush, in its fifth week of blooming is pretty much finally done. That has been a floral extravaganza, the plant thus making up for a floral no-show in 2019.

The Van Gogh puzzle we have been working on is truly impossible. I noticed that I had an excess of blue pieces, for Van Gogh’s clothing and had to tear apart and redo everything as I had apparently put them together incorrectly. I have never had a puzzle like this before where one can be hoodwinked into thinking that it is actually right.

It is cold, gloomy, and raining, and we have not yet had breakfast although it is almost 9:30 AM. I see this as a day for Hungarian and maybe paint by number. I also have a Zoom graduation party to attend. Who would have thought?

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