Day 64 of Covid-19 Confinement

A Highland Park teacher delivering a gift to one of her students, our youngest granddaughter.

Here we are…

I was thinking that Sunday was going to be very different than it was. Somehow, neither newspaper was read, I never got near them. I did my Hungarian work and other things. We finally got a hand towel holder in the Master Bedroom bathroom and I put that in. Now we have a new Toto toilet and a new place for a handtowel. Now the Kohler toilet that was put in with our addition over twenty years ago is gone. Our new plumber, Ronnie, told us that number one that our toilet was too low, and number two, that the Kohler for whatever reason, had a less than powerful flush. We got a Toto so we can have a good flush with limited water waste.

We had some favorite foods delivered to our grandkids on the other side of town and went over to deliver some clothes we had purchased online for them. We generally do a seasonal clothing purchase for them, just a little something extra.

In the evening, we opted to have a dinner where we all dressed up as different characters or people. Each of us was told that someone was in charge of our character choice and so MK chose for our younger granddaughter and our younger granddaughter chose for me. I chose for our older granddaughter and she chose for her mom, etc. The characters ended up being: Elvis (MK), a lion (me), Addison Rae (our daughter-in-law), Mary Kay (our son), Ruth Bader Ginsburg (our older granddaughter) and Spirit, the horse (our younger granddaughter). We came to dinner and we all had to guess.

Preceding this event, we attended a virtual high school graduation for Julian, the young man who is the son of an Oakton colleague. I helped him find an exchange with someone in France (Alsace). He ended up going successfully last summer and the exchange was to continue with Luca coming here this summer. As we all know, that is not happening, this visit is on hold.

The world is a crazy place.

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