Days 65 and 66 of Confinement

Day 68 started with me seeing Scar with his people.

It kind of makes me laugh that on this Tuesday, the sixty-sixth day of our Confinement, seems like a day off. Yesterday, day sixty-five was seemingly very busy. I had a 10:00 AM Zoom with Oakton for ESL and then another Zoom at Noon for our CASF (Chicago Associates of the Stratford Festival) Group. The latter was a first time as when we have not met downtown at the Canadian Consulate, we do a teleconference. The teleconference has been fraught with issues as it doesn’t always work as it should and people get blocked out. We were concerned about the learning curve, but it actually worked out better than the teleconference. Later in the day, we had our regular Monday, 6:00 PM Cocktail Zoom Meeting. Somehow, that seemed like a long day. The weather was decent yesterday but not spectacular as we went back to colder temps.

This morning finds us in the 50s and with drizzle. It is very unpleasant and my dog walk was very wet. I will say, however, that I found a patch of lilies of the valley that will be a great place to grab some in a few days as it is in a wooded area that although belonging to someone, looks both untouched and unseen. Normally, I wouldn’t do that but a message from my French friends tells me to go for it. I like the way they think. No one will ever notice as I don’t think they are ever looked at.

Gloomy, grey, drizzly, and cold, not a good combo although it is supposed to be in the seventies and even eighties by the weekend.

I took the dogs for my morning walk this morning and did my mitzvah, if I may borrow that wonderful word. I called an ESL participant who has been incognito since we went to Zoom meetings. We all knew this would occur since Zia is the only one of the group who has no e-mail address and thus I can never send him the notes that I take. One of our participants once said to him, « Zia, buy a refurbished iPad and we will help set you up on e-mail. » It didn’t work. So I called him on my cellphone since he has never responded once to my text messages. I am not even sure if he has the cellphone capability to do accept texts. He was thrilled and I said I would use ‘snail mail’ to give him the instructions to join a meeting. He lives with his son and I know his son is ‘connected.’ Zia lives, eats, and breathes to practice his English so…

I will keep on this…

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