Days 66 & 67 of Confinement

Early evening dog walk provided this view of the trees in Deerspring Park (the ones that may disappear under a Pickleball Court).

It is one disturbing world we live in. The unthinkable happened at the end of President Obama’s tenure at the helm of our country. The government, in my estimate, illegally kept a man from being considered for the Supreme Court. From then, it went downhill. From my vantage point, our current president was illegally elected, certainly not receiving most of the popular vote, but also receiving aid from a foreign government. Put that aside and well, it still doesn’t go well. Lies became truths and truths became lies. Science was devalued and Mother Nature attacked. Laws meant to protect us and our environment were literally deleted. Does it sound familiar? Looking at history, one sees that this has happened at different times in history in different parts of the globe and now it has happened here.

Then there was the pandemic. Our government clearly does not care for us and has abandoned us, exposing our nation needlessly to a disease that most assuredly could have been better controlled. We are good at twisting, lying, and perverting truths for our own self-aggrandizement. The powers that be saw what was coming and didn’t react as they should have for a country with the power, might, and financial means that exist. Did we behave like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, or Germany? Do we have the tests, the masks, the ventilators we needed? No, no, no, no…

I remember talking to our friend, a learned doctor, on the 13th of March. We had lunch with her and asked her how long she thought we would have to be incarcerated. She thought, at that time, that it would be about six weeks. We are in week 10 right now with no end in sight. Due to our irresponsibility in response, it is an even bigger threat than before.

It seems to me that what I just read in ‘The Week’ magazine is true. Our news media told Bill Clinton to resign because of the Monica Lewinsky situation. Have we asked our current POTUS to do so? It is clear that he has committed numerous criminal actions, has had sexual activities that make Bill Clinton look like a saint, he lies, he cheats, he engages foreign powers in our business, etc. We are at a point in time where we are strangely accepting of the horrible government behavior that in a previous time would never have been tolerated.

What the hell has happened to us? When will this end and how the hell are we going to recover from this?

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