…and so my rant continues…

Would you believe it rained again last night?

I realized the other day that one of my biggest frustrations in these Pandemic Days is my inability to keep up with the cutting up of the cardboard boxes that bring us provisions and other things that we could not otherwise get. Delivery is saving us and also inundating us with material that has a need to be disposed of. My recycling bin, the largest one available, handles it pretty well if I cut things up. We were warned that larger items, items that I would just normally put out among the garbage and recycling bins, would not be taken to ensure the safety of the individuals doing the pick up. I am about to try it again since I am truly frustrated with the situation.

My other main thought is that my heart goes out to all of the people who have been literally crushed by the pandemic, those who haven’t the financial means to stay afloat while keeping to confinement, those who have issues of some sort. It is true that our society is totally lacking in all sorts of support for a large part of our population. The white males stand by and spout their diatribes about making America great again and meanwhile huge pockets of America suffer. Why can we not take care of our people? Why can’t we assure that everyone has a piece of the healthcare? Why can’t we assure that our ‘civilized’ country provide education to all those who want it, be it for college and university or for training in other important services, services that make our society work?

I think of those for whom the Pandemic has caused great stress, throwing their marriages into difficulties and bringing about sides and attitudes of themselves where they no longer believe that compromise and empathy have any part whatsoever in bringing about positive change.

The Pandemic has some good sides: showing us that many of the things we thought we needed are expendable, bringing a new closeness and means of having relationships that heretofore we would have never thought possible. It has shown us that we have a resilience that can get us through this. It has shown us that perhaps we need to produce what we need and not depend on outside sources. And on a side note, Mother Nature, just in the short Pandemic Time has shown how negligent we are and abusive to her as pollution drops to a new low…

Enough of my rant for this day…

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