Day 76 of confinement: thoughts of Snow on the Mountain and Poison Ivy

Look carefully in the middle to see one of the, least affected by my mineral spirit wash, poison ivy plants.

Here is the Snow on the Mountain (I have two varieties).

It is day seventy-five of Confinement and the weather is still hot. It is Thursday and it has been warm for days. Hot and humid it is in a typical Chicago way, and the air conditioning is on.

Each day, I seem to manage to pull a weed here and a weed there, and I have gone on the continued attack on the poison ivy on the northwest corner of the house. Mind you, I would so love to throw a little of that south into malbor’s yard. So far, the devil within me is still under wraps.

Today I did some pond work, taking the pond pump and putting it back together properly, it appears that there was a gasket misplaced and it was spewing water out of one of the connections. We have had such heavy downpours and rain that I am still unhappy to say that it is cloudy.
I cleaned out the little filter/aerator that I have not been using of late.

I also went into the playhouse, did a quick clean up, and left. It makes me sad that despite all of the heavy playing of our two granddaughters, that they will not spend time in the house.

At the end of the day, I pulled out a peanut butter jar that I have with mineral spirits in…I use it (as I did when I was a kid) to clean off brushes that I use oil base paint with. The beauty of it is that you can use and reuse it as the paint that initially clouds the liquid, sinks to the bottom. I actually used this paint to put on the leaves of my friend, poison ivy. I took an old brush, put on my high garden boots, and headed out to the northwest corner of the house. I painted the emerging poison ivy wherever I saw it. In total, I think I got about twenty plants. By the end of the day, they were severely wilting. I am going to keep after them as it is clear that my less aggressive work of my vinegar solution was taking too long. The flower bed where it is found is very hard to grow anything in as it is very dry and only gets the sun in the late afternoon. Many plants have died there over the years: boxwood, azaleas, and others. I got desperate and planted ivy, a mistake, which I have pulled out but have left between our house and the neighbor’s as at least there is a ground covering. The biggest issue is that it is growing among plants (Snow on the Mountain) that have a three leaf configuration. As I read, I have found that it is a very invasive plant that is actually banned for sale in several New England states. Besides being called Snow on the Mountain, it is called called Bishop’s Weed, Goutweed, and its formal name is Aegopodium podagraria. Truly, I don’t mind it, it is self contained in the beds despite trying to get into the lawn. When it does get in the lawn, mowing keeps it at bay. It has been there since we moved into this house in 1987.

My war continues…a better war than that of the devisive situation within our country, right?

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