Blog Post 4011 at the end of day 111 of Confinement

The view from the patio on a summer evening.

Yes, things are easing up but that depends on how you look at it.

When you look at places like Florida and Texas, you think that maybe we are not yet out of the woods. You see how the various states are reacting and you seriously understand that the National government has fallen down and been downright irresponsible. With a national initiative with players that were as ineffective as the program, we have not seen the Pandemic under the control that it might have been.

Are we lifting our individual lockdown and changing to open up more? Probably not. We shall continue to avoid the grocery store and other public places as much as possible. Masks will be used if and when we do go out. It is day 111 and I am posting this on day 112 of our Confinement. As of right now, we still haven’t been in a grocery store or much else since the 13th of March, 2020. As I ponder that, it literally blows me away.

At the same point in time, our Confinement has been unusual in that our son and his family moved in. Our experience has thus been affected by the fact that we were not alone.

I am on the patio at almost 10:00 PM, just having returned from a dogwalk with the two dogs and my eldest son, the girls are just about to go to sleep. Our son and company are soon going to Michigan for their annual family gathering and may well be moving into their home when they return. This is all after having been with us since March 19th, the day we were all supposed to go to Puerto Rico. Two trips canceled thus far and another one that was to occur in August, going to Canada for the Stratford Festival is also off the books.

Who would have thought?

It is relatively quiet. The air has a touch of sulfur from some fireworks that were blown off not far from us. Periodically, we can hear them being shot up into the air. The other prevalent noise is the waterfall of our pond.

I am hoping that Friday will be a calm one.

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