Disposable People

It occurs to me as I look back at history and at current history as well that there is a sizable portion of individuals, not even human beings, who believe that other human beings have lives that are disposable.

One has only to look at the genocide that has gone on since time began and continues to this day to realize that for whatever reason, some people are clearly more ‘disposable’ than others. The reasons could be religion, culture, color of skin, or just simply ‘because.’ It is all purely an accident of their birth.

In our own world, right under our noses, are the poor people, the people that the system has disavowed and/or left aside, often in communities and areas where the entitled whites can avoid, thus not seeing them and not even forced to realize that there is a problem. Their healthcare is poor because the government does not see fit to assure that its populace is taken care of, it doesn’t do its best to educate them because they are ‘worthless’ in its eyes. They don’t treat them as equals and the systems in place are very clear about that.

A pandemic comes and I am sure that the government realized that because of a long standing history of health problems, poor healthcare and diet, that this portion will be the first to be attacked by the virus. Perhaps the wealthier will fare better, or at least be assured that there is a bed with a ventilator.

You have people with mental health issues and who due to their body and brain’s chemical composition are not prepared to deal with the issues the world provides. The culture and health systems pretty much disavow their existence, forcing them to fall prey to the issues of their maladies. There is some attempt at helping them rehabilitate, and with proper therapy and medication, that is a distinct possibility, but there are so many hurdles to jump over and maybe there might be a good program for them, but soon they are left to their own devices as the continued wellness help falls flat. Even some of their own loved ones feel free to abandon them at the wayside.

Disposable people come in many sizes, shapes, forms, ages, colors, and personalities. They should be treated with respect and care and a responsible society would do that. Clearly, our society and that of much of the present world is not of that opinion. We have a responsibility not only to ourselves (something that our narcissistic leaders don’t understand) but to others. In making it better for all, we are improving our own lot.

Sometimes, it makes you wonder if there is a God and if there is, why is he/she/it not attending to the inequalities of our world?

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Sixty something, father, papi, educator, organizer, Francophile, traveler, amateur photographer, gardener, cyclist, kayaker, calligrapher, cinephile, reader, and overall renaissance type human being.
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